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keptawake's Journal

♥ keptawake
6 May 1988
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birthdate 6 May 1988
location Silver Spring/College Park, MD
occupation full-time student/student teacher (5th grade)/server
education Central High Class of '07; University of Maryland Class of '11 - Education major, Honors program, Writers' House
relationship with Danny since November 2006
family Mom, little bro, grandmother, (step)grandfather in Florida; army dad in Iraq; Danny's family here

I'm 22. I'm an Education major; I'm currently in my senior year, which means I'm part of an internship and helping teach in the fifth grade. I grew up a military brat; I went to three elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools, including a couple brief stretches of homeschooling. My family is from Florida, but after ten years in DC and Maryland, this is my home.

I live with Danny, my boyfriend of four years -- tall, and the whitest, blondest guy you've ever seen. He's 27 and a Gamestop manager, AKA a complete video game addict. Often incredibly sweet, very traditional, occasionally insensitive, but hey. He has a giant family (mine by extension). He's a dog person; I'm a cat person (and apparently when we get pets, his dog will eat my cat, but we'll see).

I don't have many friends, but those I do have mean the world to me, though I wish I could see them more often. There's Alicia, in Virginia, the amazing photographer savant (I think so, at least) and my long-time partner in crime on various web projects. Ash, in Alaska, who loves writing as much as I do and probably gets more of it done. Morgan, also in Virginia, who I met through Danny's work--the biggest horse fanatic you'll ever meet. Yuka is basically the best thing since bananas, and we definitely need to hang out more than we do. And of course my roommates past and present: Deborah from Writers' House, and Dennis, Heather, and Justin now.

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play resident evil 4; resident evil 5; kingdom hearts; halo; gears of war; zelda: oot; zelda: mm; eye of judgment; borderlands

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webcomics dmfa; penny arcade; vgcats; original life; not always right

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